Wayward Travelers

The Cult of Vecna

Current Party:

Joice Joane
The Handler

The next morning brought light rain and the Tournament of Feats. Freywalt, armed with his Oathbow, leads the party to the Upper District. With nicer establishments comes higher security, and only Freywalt is on the list. A few highly successful deceptions and Prestidigitations fixes this very quickly, and the friends all see the glory of the Tournament Building. Freywalt leaves us to prepare for the competition, and Warryn asks for directions toward seating. Each area is marked with marble statues depicting the event held in the area, and everyone is directed to the archery fields. A betting table is set up amongst the concessions, and Freywalt is not poised to perform well against his mysterious competitor, whose name is not on the ballot. Aghast, the group begins betting extraordinarily high, in favor of Freywalt of course. People begin staring, then joining in, and soon enough both scales are overflowing, and the teller closes up shop for the event to begin.

Concerned about foul play, Davdak and Tempest decide to get seats as close as possible to the competitors while the rest move up to the third tier to keep an eye on the crowds. The duo disguises Tempest as an Elf to keep his identity hidden and use Davdak’s naïveté to woo a pair of floor seats from Upper Class elves.

Gore sees hooded figs and attacks, falls

Freywalt wins!

We all escape, intimidate our earnings from the vendor

Bring an unconscious member home-Cult of Vecna.

-chapter end, session continue-

Milk for info about Vecna, Liam intimidates so hard the man gives info and is instantly killed (by Vecna?): looking for Elwin. ……..Freywalt’s sister!

We know she’s in the city… Wait where’s the dog? Find in the kitchen. Gore speaks to animal, only remembers some time, something seems off. We are pretty sure she’s Elyn, need to transform her back: Mage School in upper town.

Convince guards to let us back in because of the Tournament Pass we still have. Rgalize the best place to go is still higher up, where the Royalty lives. Liam goes to retrieve the missing princess while we shop for magic items. Sybil’s part II.

Go to palace, Warryn convinces them to let us in quietly, without fanfare for the princess.




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