Wayward Travelers

The Adventure Begins

“I need you. We need you.”

With these words ringing through space and time, three creatures land in an unknown forest: Gore the Tigerbanner, a gruff half-Orc Barbarian; Liam Blackthorne, a dark-skinned Human Rogue, in every sense of the word “Rogue”; and Tempest, a charismatic Tiefling Sorcerer. The three quickly realize they are far from home, and reluctantly agree to work together to find some civilization, or at least a safe place to rest.

Using their skills of tracking, cunning, and conversation, they come upon an elven campsite. Warned of the many dangerous creatures hiding in the woods (read: Dinosaurs), the three are granted passage to their home of Fandolin, by grace of their leader.

Upon arrival, the three are struck by the enormity of Fandolin: a giant tree in the forest, many stories tall, with bridges and levels of living. They are led to the guest district, the lowest level of the glorious dwelling. They approach a tavern, where a monster is thrown out the front door by a handsome human. The human introduces himself as Freywalt Rove, and he invites the three to dine with him and listen to his plea.

Freywalt was once a master bowman, and he tells the group of his dream of owning a tavern of his own, but the townspeople mock him after his stunning defeat by a mysterious opponent. He believes that the legendary Oathbow, rumored to be hidden within the Tomb of the Veiled Lunatic, would give him the edge he needs to win in this year’s challenge. The three pause to consider his proposition by way of drinking.




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