Wayward Travelers

New Friends

While our heroes mull over Freywalt’s proposition, they are approached by a boisterous White Dragonborn in entertainer’s clothing and a quiet but observant Deep Gnome. The former introduces himself boldly as Davdak, of the Kerrhylon Clan, a Bard by trade and training, and his companion was Warryn Brightwood, a Warlock of the Light. They both are surprised to find others who were teleported as well, and offer their assistance with Freywalt’s request. Despite Davdak’s butting heads with all three of the group, Freywalt seems entertained, and accepts.

Did Freywalt give his sad story here? I forget. I think he did tho.

Also gore chasing the mysterious figure with the Dog happens here.

Shopping and leaving and arriving. Davdak and Warryn agree to watch the entrance to the Tomb while Gore, Liam, and Tempest begin the search for the Bow.

Exploration sequence. Meeting Revisham Bloodhammer, then separated. (Much of this was a session I wasn’t there for, check online notes)

Davdak and warryn listened and intercepted (also pulled)
Given assignment by freywalt and told his life story, bought gear (FIRT SET OF FLYERS)
Went to the Tomb of the Veiled Lunatic

Davdak and warryn left outsite to watch entrance while 3 went in (greeeen)
Killed monsters, found Rev teleported into back room of Tomb (sitting in dark)
Slept in room with stone of evil psychic magic- broke it.
Found mirror- Happy mirror- taken
Mummy rot on Gore- upsidedown room
Book of everything found- Gore learned remove curse
—Expelled rot, removed goop [became mummy wraps]



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