Revisham Bloodhammer

Some would call him naive, fanatic, and a few have even called him zealot. Their ignorance mean nothing to Revasham. With IlMater by his side, what could possibly go wrong?


A stout hill dwarf cloaked in a muted purple robe. Keeps his bald head covered with his hood unless indoors. A long and braided red bread hangs from his chin. Simple sandals adorn his weathered and worn feet. Rev keeps his holy symbol wrapped to his forearm with bandages.


Revasham hails from the a humble race of Hill Dwarves of the kingdom of Odesias. Born and surrendered to the church of Ilmalter, Rev has known only the church as his family. Raised to place the needs of others over his own, he has lived a life of conscripted servitude to those less fortunate and suffering.

Revisham Bloodhammer

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