Wayward Travelers

Enter the Raven Queen; All that glitters

Bullshit bullshit bullshit then Raven Queen arrives.
They see horrors.
They are released?
They continue exploring, but are teleported.
Find a room, Gore break the floor, returns to entrance!?! (Holy shit thisa session was long)

As Liam is lowered through the floor, he hears a faint, familiar melody whistling through the cavern. Turning, Liam recognizes the entrance to the Tomb in one direction, and the doorway he and his companions had taken another way. Somehow, the rooms he, Gore, and Tempest had been teleported to were located above the entrance rooms of the Tomb! Liam calls to the duo sitting outside, securing his rope to the rocky ground so the three could climb up. Davdak has some trouble with this task, but eventually the task is complete.

While he rests from the overexertion, he hears Liam mutter. “The lights have changed.” Davdak and Warryn exchange confused glances, until they are relayed the key points of the Tomb’s exploration, including the Aspect of the Raven Queen and their new Book of Many Things. Liam believes the lighting change is due to the loss of the Raven Queen’s influence over the area.

Exit room, find trapped area, solve puzzle, find the OATHBOW, then escape back down the rope and out of the cavern.

Chased by werewolves, find some treasure, free a horse, hide in a house.

GOLDEN ANCIENt dragon appears. We talk to it, because of Tempest’s brazenness. We heal its wounds and learn of many villains in the area.

Liam and Gore retrieve women hiding in cabin: two elves. One of royal birth, and one her handler. Both kidnapped/exiled.

We are told to go to a castle in the north, to destroy the thing that’s letting werewolves change during the daytime, to prove our loyalties to the just actions.

It flies away, we return to Fandolin, there is much feasting and partying by Freywalt. Revisham returns, somehow, and more rejoicing! The competition is tomorrow, and he will earn back his title.


Tomb’s end chamber- killed 2 shadow demons and dretches, avatar of the Raven Queen appeared
Held and intimidated and how they are worthless showed realm of dead with Tent and shadowy figure imbuing a child with evil magix and killing mother
*released, found another exit, brought me and warryn
Found oathbow, exited tomb- no longer green (raven queen gone)

Werewolf chase scene with house and Dragon happened Liam knows someone’s there
Lady Joyce and bodyguard
Dragon gives us a quwest: break mechanism to turn werewolves during the day
collect money, give bow




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